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Give the gift of great food to your friends or teams at work

We listened to your requests and launched elmenus GiftMeals, a simple way for you to share promos with friends or teams at work so everyone can enjoy great food wherever they are.


Bring Happiness To Your Team or to your Friends

Set a gift amount

Set your budget for each GiftMeal (e.g. 10 EGP) and select how many GiftMeals you would like to buy.

List your friends or teams

Easily copy & paste phone numbers to send multiple GiftMeals to your teams and friends.

Pay the full amount online

Once you purchase the GiftMeals, you'll receive a confirmation email and your friends/teams will receive an SMS with the GiftMeal promo code.

They receive the GiftMeals

The people you gifted can use their personalized GiftMeal promo code via their associated phone number to order great dishes on elmenus.

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