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Recent reviews

Ahmad Muhareb reviewed Panda House

43 minutes ago

Amazing tasty food , they've done good with the bad service issues. Love Panda House

Ahmed El-Shafiy reviewed Abou Ramy

8 hours ago

الخلاصه كبده و سجق بلدي و اسكندراني و حلاوه بالقشطه تحفه الفراخ الكرسبي حلوه الباقي عادي جدا

yara rashwan reviewed Man'oucheh

10 hours ago

Worst meat shawerma !! Frozen!!

Amira El Kadi reviewed ONE OAK - Steak & Sushi Bar

11 hours ago

i am in love with this restaurant, it is really from a different world.

Ahmad reviewed Abou Khaled Restaurant

13 hours ago

their delivery numbers never answer!

Mohamad Habib reviewed GAD

15 hours ago

مطعم قذر وخدمة سيئة جدا والاكل طعمو زبالة وكلو زيت