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Mahmoud Abdalla reviewed Grilla Sandwiches

23 minutes ago

one of the best place

Noura Nour Eldin reviewed Cook Door

1 hours ago

beyond perfect but they have to give more to the variety of food

wafaa reviewed Chili's

3 hours ago

الأكل نزل بعد الفطار ب ٥دقايق مثلآ و كان سخن و حلو عادي

GoG reviewed Burgerque

3 hours ago

Worst burgers ever, and no value for money

Mehemet Bukari reviewed Sbarro

7 hours ago

أنا مدمن بستو من سبارو (رهيييبة)، بس فرع المنيل زحمة شويتين - ربنا يبارك بس حاولوا تظبطوه

Madison Muhammad reviewed Fabiano

8 hours ago

the pasta and other food is completely awful! I mean like over cooked mush with some sort of awful tomato...See more