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Recent reviews

fatma Allam reviewed Fusion

6 hours ago

wonderful Chinese food and great atmosphere

Seif Ahmed reviewed KFC

8 hours ago

i think the worst thing in it is the stuff and the delivery but i hope they turn to there past again it was...See more

Ahmed Yehia reviewed El Nile Restaurant

12 hours ago

Great atmosphere, friendly nice service. Food tastes great and the menu is full of varieties. It's a bit...See more

Marwah Magraby reviewed El Amoudy Restaurant

13 hours ago

تجربة سيئه للغاااايه المطعم قريب مني جدا 5 دقائق توصيل المفترض وبالرغم من ده الاكل بااارد جدااا وسئ طلبت مطبق...See more

Princess Fatma Saeed reviewed The Ferakh

14 hours ago

اذا في اقل كنت اديته صفر الحقيقة متوقع جدا ان جزء التعليقات يكون مش موجود لمحل زي ده اسوء خدمة قابلتها من...See more

nader nagy reviewed Chocolate Mania

14 hours ago

it's wow place tasty dish molten cake