Vision: Help people decide what to eat.

If you ever asked yourself “What should I eat today” (which you probably did), you will know how much of a difficult exercise this can be sometimes. We started elmenus to solve exactly this problem and to help you make better dining decisions.

Elmenus started off in June, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt with the insight that users need all the delivery and dine-out restaurant menus in one place to be able to decide what to eat. The idea went viral, we started serving thousands of users every day and now our goal has expanded to helping users make the best possible dining decisions by providing them with every imaginable piece of restaurant information.

We started thinking about all the different factors everyone considers to find that perfect meal and started putting them all together online through our mobile apps and website:

Craving a certain dish

  • You can search for a specific dish you want, compare prices and check out which dishes got the most likes by our users

Got your mind set on a certain restaurant?

  • You can get a feel for what each restaurant has to offer by checking out their scanned and text menus and also how stuffed your wallet should be
  • Some restaurants regularly post promotions to persuade you to give them a try, so keep checking their pages and save up!

Foodie Profiles

  • You can follow profiles of users with similar tastes like yours. Let out the food critic in you and create a profile yourself ;)
  • Food is a social activity, that’s why you will find our food-loving community helpful. They’re sharing food hunting experiences on elmenus through reviews and photos of their meals on the go

Mouth-watering photos

  • The photo search is guaranteed to make you drool! Thousands of food photos will make it much easier for you to realize what your upcoming meal will look like.


  • We believe in freedom of choice, from fancy hotels to food carts, you will find them all listed on elmenus. You need options to decide and we’re never short on them.

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Need more information or just want to get in touch, send an email to: info [at]

Over 1000 menus served in Cairo