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Recent reviews

Randa El Fouly reviewed Sattva Steps

21 minutes ago

I actually really love this place! This food is great, the prices are fair, and the staff are very friendly!...See more

Şħery ʚïɞ reviewed Gad Restaurant

14 hours ago

تحفة تحفة بجددد انا اكتر حاجة بحبها عنده الفراخ المشوية مش طبيعية ولا الشاورما والتومية حتى البطاطس بتاعته...See more

Omnia Tareq reviewed Tom and Basal

17 hours ago

Koshary and fteer are both pretty good

Mohmed Mostafa reviewed Tortilla Wraps

18 hours ago

Good food, new concept

marwanmaro8821 reviewed Genghis Khan

1 days ago

Real chinese food and best in town

Muna Bint Suzanne reviewed Maharaja Indian Restaurant

1 days ago

Rehab Location - I'm giving this place 2 stars, because the food didn't taste horrible, but it didn't taste...See more