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Recent reviews

mahmoud reviewed El Dawar

8 hours ago

الفطير شبه فاضي من الحشو و ناشف و بارد

Sarah Moustafa reviewed Diet House

9 hours ago

i tried healthilicious burger it was very good indeed but i didn't like the pizza though it's very good

abody mazel reviewed Pizza Hut

13 hours ago

well you must put pictures for all pizzas and food u have to know what to order

Ahméd Adél reviewed Kansas Fried Chicken

17 hours ago

You will never stop eating it ;)

Menna Wahby reviewed Lido

18 hours ago

Very bad service and they're always late , they used to serve tasty burgers but now the burgers are no...See more

hellguy reviewed Dar Gdodnah

23 hours ago

سيء جدا في الدلفري و الاكل وصل كانو بايت و المدير وعدني انو يعوضني لاكن ولا حاجة