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Recent reviews

Tarek Mohsen reviewed Bistro

11 hours ago

Pasta was very bad bagad ba2a mafan gadan

Menna Hamed reviewed Abo Ammar El Souri

12 hours ago

I think its one of the most outstanding and unique shawerma you may taste !

Ñesrien Salah reviewed Solo Cafe

13 hours ago

the place and bevereges are ok but the food is like bad home makings

InjiRefaat reviewed Tamara Lebanese Bistro

15 hours ago

I’ve always loved the Lebanese cuisine, but never really found the real authentic taste of Lebanese food or...See more

Ahmed Mousa reviewed KFC

15 hours ago

seriously .. The worst fried chicken restaurant in Egypt, chicken looks, tastes, and even smells disgusting, ...See more

Mohamed Abd El Khalek reviewed Mince

16 hours ago

great burger but the combination of sandwich confused me..... amazing Lemon sauce