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Belal reviewed Kazouza

1 hours ago

Well, I can't express it properly this was the worst delivery experience ever. Placing the order at 1:00 am...See more

Khalid Nada reviewed House of Cocoa

1 hours ago

unfriendly stuff. horrible molten cake

ishadoo reviewed Didos Al Dente

4 hours ago

Their food is really nice , freshly cooked . but The place is too small and not really comfortable

Osama Hassan reviewed Bonjour

4 hours ago

برجاء وضع المنيو الجديد و اللوجو الجديد

Amr BreQaa reviewed Eatery

5 hours ago

A place can serve such quality in Ramadan is a Ten! I thought it's overpriced but I ended up satisfied as...See more

Ahmed Adel reviewed Pastaweesy

6 hours ago

l akl feh t3mo to7fa w l 5dma feh kwysa, l mkan bs m7tag eno ykon akbr shwya