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Recent reviews

aly samy reviewed Crave

2 hours ago

amazing the food here is so damn nice

Ahmed Anwar reviewed Wafflicious

7 hours ago

Best Red velvet eveeer ????

Ahmed Yassin reviewed Bon Appetit

9 hours ago

kadabeeen fash5 we bey2ol en el 3esh 5eles men 3ando we dah mosta7eel 3alam me3afena

Mena Nashaat reviewed Lucille's

12 hours ago

Their burger was perfect and the cheesecake was V.Good

Shorouq Mabrouq reviewed Il Divino Pizzeria

12 hours ago

best pizza ever i enjoyed my experience there and the service was very good you must go there ????????

Marwa reviewed Khayrat El Sham

16 hours ago

shawerma el fra5 tu7fa ????????