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elmenus is a startup based in Egypt. We believe that every dining decision should be a social, visual and personalized experience to discover and order the food you will love. We started in 2011 and currently over 2 Million dining decisions are being made on our platform every month and growing. We are revolutionizing how restaurants are reaching their most passionate customers, as we are believers in the role of technology to disrupt traditional business models.

the cool things we’re building is a food recommendation engine, activity streams that can scale to millions of users and classifying our huge database of dishes into a more logical structure that can help users drill down on their favourite food. Our culture encourages challenging each others’ ideas, debating design directions and allowing best ideas to win without hierarchy.’t find the job you’re interested in below? Whatever position you’re interested in, we are always hiring smart and passionate people who are excited about what we do. Send your CV to careers@elmenus.com mentioning why you will be a great addition to our team and we will contact you.