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mariam shafik reviewed Tamara Lebanese Bistro

1 minutes ago

Loved the koussa mahsheya and maqluba bel lahma! Clean too

Shaza Abo Shama reviewed Fatatry El Mohandesin

2 hours ago

الفطير المشلتت اكثر من رائع..

foodgasm Egypt reviewed Willy's Kitchen

3 hours ago

,great taste great quality

Shaimaa Svartangen reviewed Maison Thomas

4 hours ago

Only Maison Thomas Zamalek serves alcoholic drinks. Heliopolis branch only serves Coke, very, very slowly....See more

mohamed mando reviewed Bashandy

4 hours ago

ياريت رقم الفون ضرورى عندكو دليفرى

Mostafa El-Hussain reviewed Cilantro

4 hours ago

The worst cafe ever bad drinks and bad service