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Ayman Kamal reviewed Shawerma El Reem

25 minutes ago

أسوأ خدمة فى حياتى انا عمرى ما اشتكيت من محل اكل الطلب جه ناقص كلمت المحل جابوا نص الحاجات وبرضه الطلب مش...See more

fero reviewed Pastaweesy

1 hours ago

Very bad experience for the second time, so expensive and as you see it's almost pasta only despite it's...See more

H.farid reviewed Paul

1 hours ago

Very very expensive with awful and tasteless food, never ever try it again

Nada Salah reviewed Wienerwald

2 hours ago

I was going to order now but after the reviews about the bad delivery I will not

Mohamed Anan reviewed Cafe Supreme

3 hours ago

Worst experience ever. Clueless waiters. Ordered 3 times and each time they come back to me later stating...See more

Sharif Kamel reviewed Say Cheese

5 hours ago

Best Cheesecake in Egypt, its of a very high quality