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Mina S. Aziz reviewed Zack's Bakery Cafe

11 hours ago

Great place to unwind. Everything is fresh and the service is really good.

Abdallah Fahim L Labban reviewed Welatain

12 hours ago

I've just eaten Italiano med. And hwawshy,,, One of the worst sandwiches ever...

Pola S. Yacoub reviewed Zack's Bakery Cafe

13 hours ago

Great experience I liked the tuna sandwich and the latte ❤❤

Ahmed Ehab Salama reviewed MR Waffle

13 hours ago

Great waffle nutella

Franswa Philip reviewed Caruso's American Cafe

15 hours ago

اكل عادي جدا شكله حلو بس......الاكيلة بجد مش هتتبسط خالص....... الي مش اكيلة هيتبسطوا عادي مش هيحسوا بحاجة...See more

Waleed Ali reviewed Tabali

15 hours ago

The food was great , excellent service