About Us:

Vision: “Help people decide what to eat”

“What should I eat today?” answering that question for our users is our passion.

With the vision to help people decide what to eat, elmenus is building a comprehensive food discovery platform that currently includes over 1,500 digitized restaurant menus with over 150,000 dishes to choose from. Our food loving community enriches the elmenus experience by sharing their tasty food photos, reviews and dish ratings on our apps and website.

elmenus started off in June, 2011 out of Cairo, Egypt with the insight that the biggest barrier between people and the joy of discovering new food is lack of information. We are continuously innovating new ways to break that barrier between our users and their next great meal by crafting a simple to use product that we ourselves are delighted to use.

Go ahead and start using elmenus to discover great food for yourself, whether you want to order delivery or look for restaurants to dine out you can use our website and apps to check out restaurant menus, dish ratings, dish photos, reviews, and restaurant map locations. If you’re craving a certain dish or you’re just here for some food porn to kick-start your appetite then try out our food and photo search.

We believe in freedom of choice, elmenus includes every restaurant from food carts to fancy hotel restaurants. You need options to decide and we’re never short on them!

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