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Our goal is to advance the restaurant industry by enabling restaurants to reach the exact customers who are most passionate about what they have to offer.

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Our users are hungry, undecided and are making instant dining decisions every time they use elmenus. You have an opportunity to attract a user before he makes a decision on elmenus and that is the most important time for you to market your brand.

The best part is that users won’t find your ads intrusive but in fact very helpful in their decision making process. In addition to that we automatically optimize ads to be shown to users most likely to find them more interesting. We do that by segmenting our users into locations and food preferences.

elmenus is the only platform that gives you direct, instant return on your marketing spend. Instead of advertising to just get more likes on Facebook or using a medium where you know little to nothing about your target audience, elmenus gives you insights into how your ads perform and who your exact audience is. For exact traffic stats, demographics and customized sponsorship packages please contact us: info [at]

We work with restaurants, brands and digital agencies and help them create highly targeted campaigns on our website and mobile apps.

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